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Dr. Amber Bush

After being involved in a car accident and receiving physical therapy for several months, my neck and back pain and severe dizziness persisted. I also continued to suffer from intermittent moderate to severe headaches. I began receiving chiropractic treatment with Dr. Bush and six months later I am free of all symptoms related to the car accident. Dr. Bush has helped me so much and I recommend her to everyone I talk to with any of the symptoms I had.

~ Margaret Chamberlain

Feb, 2006 - my bride convinced me to go see Dr. Bush because I was in some discomfort in the chest area. Upon my first visit I was weighed on two scales. This revealed that my weight was 35 lbs heavy on one side. During my treatment Dr. Bush discovered I had five ribs out of place. No Wonder I Hurt!!! My knee was given special treatment as I was having some pain from surgery the year before. My right ankle which was dislocated 5 years earlier was also given special consideration. My hands would fall asleep at night and/or if I talked on the pone for extended time periods. After several months of seeing Dr. Bush and feeling much better I asked if I could check my weight I was so astonished that the scales revealed a 1 lb difference of distribution of my weight.

~ Bob Oates

After having had chiropractic adjustments for 60 years, I feel Dr. Bush was heaven sent to me. I am amazed at the fast results I have made in a short time. I am so much better that I now feel like I am back among the living.

~ Betty Peters

My right hip began hurting at the same time that my right leg and feet started tingling with a swirling feeling. That feeling came about 15-30 minutes apart and lasted up to 5 minutes each time. I had this problem for about 5 months. My doctor gave me medication for it, but it didnt help. The neurologist gave a test of that leg and foot and found the nerves dead. She said I had a neuropathy, but checking on the internet for neuropathy, I didnt have the same symptoms. When I was walking for 30 minutes, one day, my hip started hurting and at the same time my leg tingled and swirled. I reach to my hip and put pressure on it and the tingling stopped immediately. Each time(about 15 minutes) when I put pressure on the hip the tingling stopped. I decided my hip was causing the problem and I went to Dr. Amber Bush and told her what was happening. She gave me adjustments and now my hip and lege gives me no trouble. I give God credit for showing and telling me what to do and Dr. Bush for following through, which has given me great relief. Thank you God and Dr. Bush.

~ Lorene Wilson

When I came to Dr. Bush I had hurting in my left hip, both arms were waking me up at night hurting and both knees were hurting day and night. I was hangin in limbo about knee surgery. She asked me where I wanted to start. I started with my hip. Within three weeks the hurting was gone. We now are working on my shoulders which has been helping alot. With these movements it has already helped my knees which wasn't first in line. I'm also doing the sixteen stretches and exercises twice a day which has hleped. My head is lopsided on my sholders which is noticable when I wear dangling earings (next on the list).

~ Barbara Butler