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My goal in life is to provide a healthy living model through natural chiropractic care. It is my premise that the body is a complex system that is controlled by the nervous system. The nervous system is made up of your brain, spinal cord and all of the nerves that supply our various body systems. It is remarkable that the nervous system has a hand in all processes within the human body such as; digestion, immunity, circulation, elimination, muscle tone, pain and even your ability to concentrate. Without fluid flow of your nervous system these processes are interrupted or shut down.

What chiropractic addresses are the misalignment also known as "subluxations" of the spine. Subluxations can prevent the nervous system from communicating vital messages to the cells, tissues and organs of the body. These subluxations or interruptions in nervous flow can result in pain and dis-ease. Science tells us however that only 10% of our body's nerves actually feel pain. For example, a nerve designated to signal digestion only digests, it does not feel pain. A nerve for taste only tastes, it doesn't feel pain. Therefore, if your subluxations are interrupting the nervous signals of the 90% of your nerves that do not feel pain, severe health conditions can still be the result of that misalignment resulting in your dis-ease.

More simply put, if your brain cannot communicate with the cells, tissues and organ systems of your body, you will be unable to function to your greatest potential. This is a tragedy. Gentle chiropractic care can remove these misalignment and help you body to heal and communicate to its other systems more efficiently.

Regardless of your health condition, it makes perfect sense to insure that you have full nervous flow to each and every cell of your body for optimal health and happiness. In our office we use several techniques to accomplish this goal. My chiropractic techniques include diversified hands on adjusting, biophysics postural correctional adjusting, Webster technique, pediatric adjusting, prenatal care, activator, spring loaded adjusting tool, the impulse, as well as light and non-force techniques. 


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "After having had chiropractic adjustments for 60 years, I feel Dr. Bush was heaven sent to me. I am amazed at the fast results I have made in a short time. I am so much better that I now feel like I am back among the living."
    Betty P.
  • "After several months of seeing Dr. Bush and feeling much better, I asked if I could check my weight I was so astonished that the scales revealed a 1 lb difference of distribution of my weight."
    Bob O.
  • "Dr. Bush has helped me so much and I recommend her to everyone I talk to with any of the symptoms I had."
    Margaret C.
  • "I crawl in, walk out! Don't think I could function without her! Great staff too!"
    Roxy M.
  • "Quality care."
    Amber R.
  • "Chiropractic care helps keep my body in alignment & pain-free."
    Angela B.
  • "Awesome office staff! Dr. Bush is phenomenal- really treats your overall well being!"
    Vikki C.
  • "Very compassionate to me when I am in pain. Very helpful and answers my questions."
    Beverly F.

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